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What I want to write today is regarding ‘fairness’. – that is, being fair to all; not focusing in a negative or positive way on one community, country, gender or group and turning our back on others. Anything that causes division instead of wholeness is not in the highest interest of humanity. Each group has a role they are playing, often to the best of their ability, and to the benefit of everyone.

The competitiveness to which we have become accustomed is not usually in the highest interest of all, especially when we are creating a world of positive change. We each have a role to play, and if we search within, we will know what our personal role is.

We are all designed with an inbuilt empathy towards others, and fairness towards all teaches togetherness, and the honoring of differences, which is vital for new science and new creations.

As we continue to evolve and discover more wisdom we will see how everything can fit together and play an important part in the oneness of all.

We see forests containing many different trees, shrubs and plants; does one variety try to terminate another, or can they grow happily side by side sharing the soil and the rain? We have much to learn from Mother Nature. Fairness, even when we don’t understand the part something different is playing, is the backbone of humanity, as it is of nature.

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