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Everything is OK

No matter what we are going through at present – and there’s a lot of old negative stuff being brought to the surface, beneath all that drama, everything is OK, and we are all creating the life, the humanity, and even the planet we have arrived to create.

So let’s not focus on the negative, they are just steps across the mud, and the other side of the mud is a lovely, green and pleasant world.

When we focus on the negative – that anger, fear and despondency! we are turning our heads and looking behind us. Although we must watch where our feet are currently treading, let’s look ahead at the beautiful scenery we are travelling towards. Let’s keep our eyes on the green, flowing forests and gardens, the rivers and streams, and our wonderful travelling companions; not on what we have come through to arrive here.

So when negative issues distract us, just remember that they are part of the past we are all moving away from; some of us may make the journey more slowly than others, but we are all moving forward into pastures green, by quiet, beautiful waters.

This is what we have arrived here to create, no matter what muddy issues we might feel are confronting us, just look ahead – and know that everything is OK.

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