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Enjoying Fulfillment

When we are ‘fulfilled’ we feel full of peace, contentment, and in harmony with all.

Fulfillment doesn’t come from just acknowledging our physical pleasure and belongings, but from a sense of inner knowing that no matter what appears to be happening in the ego-driven world, we feel detached from all that; floating peacefully within an inner feeling of calmness, and knowing that all is well.

This is probably not a feeling that is always obvious, but that waits in the background until we have deleted any current worries, concerns and repetitive negative thoughts. Spirit always ‘has our back’ and when we release, let go, and just ‘be’, that beautiful feeling of fulfillment rises to the surface.

But it’s nothing we can search for; it just lays waiting for us to delete the worries and thoughts of “I must do this today”, and once we’ve swept out the rubbish we can breathe in the beautiful air of peace and tranquility.

Imagine you are lying on a lovely Lilly pad or Lotus leaf in a tranquil pond as the morning sun rises, and you are surrounded by the beautiful energy of nature. There’s nothing you need to do or be; just enjoy the feeling of harmonious fulfillment.

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