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Empathic Compassion

If we are centered in our heart energy we will always have a background of loving compassion; however the first step towards this is empathic compassion. This means instead of condemning the actions of another, we need to think “I don’t know this persons background; I don’t stand in their shoes; I don’t know what a difficult life they may have experienced”.

Therefore instead of immediately condemning and feeling angry, judgmental, or even fearful, try to see what may be behind their actions. Apparently what we experience during the first 7 years of life can program us for the rest of our lives. So if our buttons are being pressed by a friend or associate, we might invite them for coffee; start a conversation where they will not feel judged if they express how they are feeling, and perhaps we may both be able to look at the underlying problem.

When we understand a person’s behavior we can begin to feel sympathy, empathy, and eventually compassion. So the first step towards compassion – the energy that will create positive change throughout our planet, is thoughtful consideration, sympathy, empathy and understanding.

And always remember that when you point a finger towards another, you have three fingers pointing towards yourself!

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