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Creating Wealth

The message today is about ‘wealth’; and this doesn’t necessarily mean the wealth of money in a bank account. It relates to the wealth of understanding; – the fact that we are all interconnected and are all surrounded by the wealth of this beautiful planet and our expanding universe. Even when we can’t see the wealth of beauty, it resides within us, and is contained in what we might call our imagination, which is actually a book of beautiful words and pictures, often placed within us many years ago.

Yes, there will often be pictures we may not want to see, and stories we may not want to read, but remember that everything is interconnected, so something seen alone may appear ugly, but when placed into a different context will be part of a wealth of understanding. So we can enjoy the wealth that surrounds us and lies within us.

If there is a particular wealth that you want more of, then you must open a new page in that inner book of wealth, and keep reading and looking at it every day. Then before long you will also see it in your surroundings.

There is actually no real barrier between our book of imagination and our book of human life. Remember everything is interconnected, and the wealth that lies within our book of imagination is also imprinted into our human lives.

So please enjoy the beautiful wealth with which you are surrounded. Look for it and you will see it; imagine it, and you will create it.

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