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Creating Peace

Rather than attempting to create peace, work instead at removing the negative covering hiding the layer of peace which may be floating out of sight, but is within reach of us all. Peace is the energy that remains when all the irritation, fear, anger and anxiety has been removed.

Peace is the acceptance of happy synchronicities, of trust and faith, and reactions no longer coloured by expectations from a difficult past and recreated with the belief that negative beliefs from the past will keep us safe. When the state of peace is expected and honoured, rather than accepting the state of angry violence and competitiveness that is often handed to us by our media, we will start to remember that peace is our natural birthright, our inbuilt state of mind.

So when we want to create the quality of peace, know that it is always present within us, and when we realise that our worries, fears and anxieties have no reality apart from the meanings we have given them, we can ask for help to remove these inflictions.

As we walk through each day of our lives if we look at the countless small episodes of peace with which we are always surrounded, the fears and anxieties will start to fade, and we will experience the ‘peace which passes understanding.’ Peace is the background on which love and harmony can then flow and grow within us all, and across our Planet.

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