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Connecting to Place

When we are confined to our homes, communities, villages and countries we can focus on connecting in a positive way to our ‘place’; to wherever we are currently living and being. With intent and feeling we can connect to the energy and nature of Mother Earth. She is always hoping to connect with us and share the many wisdoms and knowledge stored for millennia within her heart.

When we make the intent to connect to our ‘place’ in a loving and peaceful way and give thanks to Mother Earth and all of nature, we are planting energies that can be felt by others who move into that space.

Although there may be many negative memories still held within the earth from unpleasant actions of the past, we can remove these by dedicating positive, happy, loving and grateful thoughts, feelings and the intent to undo any old less-than-pleasant memories. Then all who walk the same paths will subconsciously feel the peace and harmony that is now being created.

The positive, wise energies available to us today will overwrite any memories of negative events from the past that have been imprinted by humanity into the crust of our beautiful planet. With our intent to connect to ‘place’ with peace, love and harmony, Mother Earth will hold these positive energies and enable humanity to reconnect to our planet with the love and gratitude it so deserves.

Can you feel her sigh of relief?

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