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Commitment to a New Path

We are beginning this 2020 year of new energy, new beginnings and great opportunities. However once we decide on a new role, a new life path and wish to achieve our highest potential, we will need great commitment.

It may be too easy to slide back into ‘the way we’ve always been’, and the old beliefs we’ve always held. New, much greater opportunities await us, but first we must believe, and state our beliefs with our inner authority.

Then, when we have made a decision we will need constant commitment, especially if friends and family members have decided to remain in the old and familiar, and may deride our beliefs and our decision to create change. We are finally reaching the top

of this difficult mountain we have been climbing, and new paths can now be revealed to us; powerful abilities and inner strengths we didn’t know we had.

As we commit to higher ideals and the wiser paths we can now take, we must maintain that commitment. We know there may be many old thoughts of inadequacy buzzing around in our head like mindless blowflies. Let’s change those old flies into beautiful butterflies that have just emerged from their dark cocoon into a lovely garden of beautiful flowers.

Perhaps areas of old pain, fear and grief have become the soil in which these flowers can now sprout and grow?

Let’s commit to nurturing their beautiful growth.

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