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Caring for Ourselves

While it is easy at present to feel fear, and perhaps resentment and loneliness, it is so necessary to maintain our heart-centered feelings of care and compassion. And who is the most important person to feel care and compassion for? Ourselves.

Not with any ‘poor me’, or ‘life isn’t fair’ perceptions, but with a greater understanding of why we are where we are, and what we can do to love, understand and support ourselves. Only from the level of loving and caring for ourselves can we then share this love and understanding with others.

When we discover that we can love ourselves, we are then able to love others. We have an amazing opportunity to spend time really getting to know ourselves – not from ego based criticism or low self-esteem, but from beginning to understand the wonderful beings we actually are. The feelings of love and compassion we then have for ourselves are what will create the future of our planet.

When we change from identification with ‘things’ and ‘work’ to a belief in simplicity, wholeness, oneness and compassion we will create the future we all hope for. When we care for ourselves and follow our hearts desire, then this positive change will eventuate. Our planet is waiting.

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