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Accessing our Wisdom

We need to be grateful for all our opportunities for growth, even though some may be quite difficult; but regardless of the pleasure or stress, all these situations can teach us wisdom.

When we listen to the silent wisdom of our heart, we can free ourselves from old patterns of the past, and when we are open to receive this wisdom we can use forgiveness to move forward and reclaim our desires and wishes for the future.

When our intent is to regain the wisdom with which we were created, this wisdom lays waiting to be reborn. Much of this inner wisdom has been disregarded as we moved from love and compassion into a belief in greed, and competition. However Mother Earth has held these ancient memories and has shown us that when faced with major disruptions, our inner wisdom can return to the love and compassion with which we were created, and which will override the greed, competition and fear.

Knowledge will help us make decisions within our everyday lives, but wisdom will move us all to a much higher state of belief, where our joyous expectations will create peaceful, abundant futures for us all.

The latest Shell Essence Infinite Energy Essence – ‘Wisdom Rock’ can help us access this wisdom.

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