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The message today is about ‘Abundance’.

We often associate Abundance with money

in the bank – the more the better! However, the Abundance we need to be reminded of is the Abundance we already have, which enables us to create a happy and fulfilling life.

Abundance doesn’t necessarily mean over-supply, but the understanding that we have sufficient means to satisfy the needs of our human existance.

Instead of fearing that perhaps in the future we won’t have the abundance to fulfil our needs, let us instead be grateful for the many abundant blessings with which we are surrounded when we open our hearts with gratitude. When we focus on what we currently have, instead of what we might perceive to be missing, then we can continue to create the abundance that fulfills our needs, and perhaps also the needs of others.

To continue to create sufficient abundance, rather than the belief that we must overload – just in case! let us fill the bucket of our heart with faith, love, trust and gratitude for the many blessings we already have. We know that our needs will always be fulfilled with the correct amount of abundance we require for the life we have arrived on this planet to create.

So ‘abundance’ doesn’t mean our ‘bucket of abundance’ is overflowing, and too heavy to carry, but that it just contains all our current needs, and will continue to be re-filled as required.

My mother (whose surname was Angel) used to say “I have an elegant sufficiency, and any more would be superfluous to my already satiated appetite.”

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