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Abolishing old Stuff

At present we have been given the time, space and perhaps solitude to reflect on our old patterns of behaviour that no longer serve us or humanity, and to abolish the old stuff that has no further use and may even be detrimental.

What are these old patterns? Perhaps they are different for each of us – old ways of reacting to something we don’t wish to see, so we accept it.

Perhaps a response of anger if we feel we are being put down or bullied. Perhaps an underlying fear that makes us step back with caution whenever a new, more positive behaviour comes to mind.

Perhaps even a need to feel accepted by others, and therefore we agree to principles and actions that may not be really be acceptable to us.

When we can take time to reflect on what really helps us, and what actually hinders us, then with courage and faith we can abolish those old patterns that we have always accepted as ‘normal’, and now look ‘outside the box’ to see what new aspirations we can achieve.

As Einstein said “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”.

Instead of the background of fear that is being pushed towards us every day, a new background of compassion can be sought instead.

For example, when there is bullying, instead of a response or anger and fear we can feel compassion for those who have become lost in a pattern of bullying. When those around us respond with fear, we can again respond with compassion for what must have prevented their belief in safety.

Let’s drop the heavy bags and clothing we are carrying, and step lightly onto fresh fields of peace and harmony. The gate is open; the sun is shining.

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