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‘The lesson for today is to live in the now, by creating each moment of your day to be a culmination of the most successful creations of your past, present and future. Then as you live within each moment, every action will become important and will create the template for the rest of your life.

You hear a lot about living in the now, but it is the small steps, such as the decision to place your highest intent into every action, that will help you achieve the state of now, and this will create the energy of the new and evolving humanity. Everything can be achieved when you take small, deliberate steps of awareness.

You do not need to spend time trying to understand this; just place all your intent, wisdom and care into every action, be they ever so mundane. Then you will begin to live in the now.

This may sound difficult, but every step you take with intent towards creating the loving compassion of an evolved humanity will lead you closer to that goal.

Living in the now has become an expression which is rarely questioned or explained; it means more than refraining from obsessing about the past or thinking of the future with fear. Living in the now means living each moment with intent towards the final and ongoing creation.

Will this be one of fear, guilt, and despondency, or will you create a life of peace, compassion, and loving harmony with all?

Each thought and action in the now is fulfilling your intent’.


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