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‘Inspiration’ is something we have all experienced at some time – often when we least

expected it. Inspiration lays hiding within us until our inner door is opened and it can come shining forth.

If we request inspiration sometimes it needs to wait until the timing is right; until we are open and ready for something new; something that touches our heart; something that inspires us, and something for which our world is ready.

This inspiration may lay waiting many years, but it is always present, even when we can’t see or feel it. Sometimes it has to wait until all the usual doors are closed, and in desperation we turn around and see a door we’d never noticed before. When we open that door and follow our inspiration it can change our lives in ways we would never have suspected, but with wonderful results if we remain open to the inspiration and follow our heart.

When we open to the new higher vibrational energy, and are open to positive change; when we turn away from all the negative ideas our families and friends may believe, then inspiration can find us. Most of the wonderful inventions of the past have arrived, not through studying all the possibilities, but through an inspired idea that just seemed to arrive when least expected.

So the door of inspirations lays waiting for any of us to open, but then comes the difficult part! Inspiration opens the door to infinite possibilities, but will we remain open to walk through that door and with courage follow that unknown pathway? I hope so. It is by following those positive inspirations that we can change our world.

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