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Whenever we read spiritual information we hear about ‘enlightenment’, and we may believe that ‘enlightenment’ is a term used to describe those rare individuals whom we call ‘Guides’ or ‘Masters’; those who have attained such a high quality of spiritual knowledge and abilities that they are now ‘enlightened’.

However everyone on this planet who takes time and effort to look within and to listen to their intuition, their inner wisdom, can be called ‘enlightened’.

Enlightenment is the quality that describes the higher vibrational energies now being downloaded onto the planet and available to all who choose to create their lives using this energy flow instead of the denser, slower energies that have been available for millennia.

So for all those who choose to stop; listen; learn and create; we could use the description ‘enlightened’. However even using that term seems to separate the ‘learned’ from the ‘ignorant’, the ‘high’ from the ‘low’! Within our DNA record is all the wisdom we can choose to use, and is available to everyone, not just for some very special people.

We are all ‘enlightened’; the only problem is our choice to look, listen, learn and our acceptance of our growth and our wisdom. For too long we have probably been accustomed to low self-belief and placing others more educated on pedestals to be admired.

Once we can accept that we are all painted with the same brush, and that the same colours are available for all, we can choose to paint our portrait of ‘enlightenment’. However regardless of what we choose to paint, enlightenment is already painted on the canvas of our soul.

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