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The Fun of Fitness

Many people have an out-dated idea of ‘fitness’ – perhaps only related to body shape and function; but ‘fitness’ is a belief that must start in the mind.

When we can love and honour ourselves regardless of apparent physical shape and function, then everything else falls into place.

If we are constantly critical of our appearance, physical movement and strength, then this shuts down our ability to create positive change.

Honour the beautiful child that dwells within each of us. Children respond well to love and appreciation, but close down if there is constant criticism, punishment and denial.

Our Inner Child needs happiness, fun and enjoyment, so if our fitness work is full of fun, happiness, self-approval and love, our Inner Child will begin to create the inner health and ‘fitness’ we are seeking. Physical health always begins with emotional and mental health. If there is self-criticism, competitiveness and struggle, then our striving for fitness is instead an unconscious form of self-punishment.

So make sure your move towards ‘fitness’ is also a move with laughter, fun, happiness and self-approval, then physical fitness will automatically result, and your Inner Child will create a happy, healthy and loving adult.

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