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Deception or Honesty

When you read statements, articles, or hear recorded information – or even thoughts friends are expressing, you might want to believe them, especially if it triggers the emotion of fear.

No matter what you read or hear, always listen with your heart-based intuition. If something doesn’t sit well with your heart energy, walk away. Don’t allow yourself to be manipulated through fear. There are many wonderful, compassionate actions occurring, and if you connect to your heart you will always know the truth.

The other part of this message is of course to never lie or use deception yourself – especially never lie to yourself. Again, your heart-centered intuition will tell you immediately that this is not a helpful action.

As the energy climate changes it will create more honesty, and then deception will find it more

difficult to impact us.

If you picked up a piece of food and it smelled ‘off’, would you say ‘No, it must be fine’ and eat it? Deceiving yourself in a physical way could make you physically sick. So what happens when you deceive yourself in a emotional and mental way?

When we listen with our heart and express through our heart, then lies and deception can find no branch to sit on, so they fly away.

Deception… or honesty? That is the question is it not?

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