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The Message of Love

A message that will resonate with everyone is the message of love.

This time we are not talking about the Love with which the universe is created, but the love you feel for other people; often the love you don’t feel, but know that you should!

When a friend or a family member ‘pushes your buttons’ and makes seemingly unreasonable demands, it’s easier to feel resentment than to feel love; it’s easier to feel anger towards so-called friends and bosses.

Love is a feeling that doesn’t always come automatically, but needs to be requested and felt within your heart. Ask your Inner Being to release the anger and resentment, even when it may seem justified – “after all, they…..!!!

Instead, take a deep breath and connect to the area of your heart – your heart chakra’. Forgive yourself for the anger, resentment or fear; forgive the other person who ‘pressed your buttons’; ask for forgiveness for all the parts of the story you don’t understand, as the reactions may have come from different lives; so press your ‘delete button’. Now allow a flow of beautiful loving energy to flow through and around you.

Yes, this is not always an automatic reaction and it takes practice, but what you change within yourself you will change within others also. Perhaps our buttons are pressed to give us the opportunity to create the feeling of love?

Synchronicities and apparent miracles happen when we practice forgiveness and love.

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