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Caring for Ourselves

Something we need to hear again and again is that when we feel tired, unbalanced, emotionally uncomfortable, even exhausted, we mustn’t try to continue pushing on. Perhaps our body and mind need a rest so we can incorporate the new, higher dimensional energies? Perhaps there are negative emotional states that need to be released? This can’t happen if we keep pushing forward.

Also, check the positions at present of our planetary friends; we are all connected, and those ‘heavenly bodies’ can assist our growth – or even slow it down if we take no notice of their planetary messages.

There is a lot of unsettling ‘stuff’ happening in the world at present, and we are all affected by this energy. We like to think that change can occur slowly, silently and peacefully, but is this our current reality?

So let’s care for ourselves during this difficult time. Honour our bodies and take time to rest and relax when necessary. Honour our minds and make sure our thoughts are positive happy ones; spend some time each day doing something we enjoy, even if only for a few minutes.

To look after our world we first must look after ourselves – that part of our world, which we can actually care for. Remember we are all connected, and when we care for ourselves we are also silently caring for others, and thus caring for the world, breath by breath, ensuring a peaceful outcome during this time of unsettling change.

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