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No Need for Concern

What we all need to understand today is that there is no need for concern.

Yes, we are experiencing difficult climates; we are worried that this planet may not make it through the current difficulties; and yes, there is a lot of negative energy being spread by media and politicians.

Please realise that there is no need for concern; keep your eyes and mind only on heart-centered love and peace. Even when you may feel concern for trials and difficulties that might be confronting friends and family, if you view these problems from a spiritual perspective there will be no need for concern. You all arrived on the planet at this time with possible problems to solve, and once solved, the energy goes into the magnetic grid of the planet, and makes it much easier for others to

solve the same problems.

Even when your life seems to be blocked in some way, understand that you are just waiting for the right energies to arrive – perhaps the right astrological energies to help you move forward; again, no need for concern.

When your children confront problems please also teach them that there is no need for concern; they have an inner ability to deal positively with any difficult situations, and this what they have come to do.

I know each of these latest blogs is sounding somewhat similar, but I think we all need to hear this message repeated many times!

Remember that your friends in Spirit, your Guides, your Angels are like your spiritual ‘Guide Dogs’ – when requested they will always lead you towards safe paths. Just trust; follow; and release your concern.

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