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Planting a new Crop of Harmony and Peace

Today many people are feeling unbalanced; anxious; perhaps a bit lost, fearful and even depressed. This current high-energy field has apparently never been experienced on this planet before. So although it’s allowing many more positive growth experiences, it can often feel quite alien and unusual. We may miss the comfort of life as we knew it – even with the challenges, difficulties and negative energies.

Some have chosen to remain attached to the old energy, and they will possibly not notice the difference that is confronting those who have chosen to work with the higher vibrational energies. To work within this high vibrational energy-flow we need to embrace the emotional and spiritual qualities of trust, hope, faith, kindness, harmony and peace.

Once we are able to move more fully into these states we will feel comfortable and balanced, but this change may not happen instantly!

We need to recognize the old energies of fear, anger, low self-esteem etc, and then ask for help to remove these when they surface.

You have chosen to be the new ‘farmers’ who are tilling the land and planting a new crop of harmony and peace that will feed and sustain generations in the future. Now is the difficult hard work, but when the seeds sprout and grow, then how wonderful will life become for us all!

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