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T​he message today is about ‘survival’.

Many people have an unconscious fear that they won’t survive life on the planet. This deep fear was implanted long ago when survival was of first priority, and many didn’t survive. The old fear has now raised its head, but today for most of us this fear is irrelevant. We have chosen to survive, and are creating a planet that will survive.

Instead of putting our energy into survival, we need to see this fear for what it is – a relic of the past that has no important role to play in our lives today. It needs to be pushed back to the past and not recreated again. ( The planetary energies today may also be stimulating this link with the past.)

So whenever you feel a part of your current life is being affected negatively by an unconscious fear that is holding you back and preventing you from experiencing growth, positive change, freedom and a healthy fulfilling life, know that it is recreating a shadow from the past. It has no place in your current life, so seek whatever help you need to remove this fear, and know that it is inappropriate.

Despite what old memories may be reactivating, we are much stronger, wiser beings than we were back then. Yes, there are still patches of the old energy of discontent, but gradually, breath by breath these are being healed.

No matter what difficulties life may throw across our path, the decision has been made; survival with peace and grace is our destiny.

(The last Infinite Energy Essence created recently – Queen Helmet Conch - was for……..survival!)

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