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Commitment to a Cause

When we discover a ‘cause’ that inspires us and touches our heart, we can devote a small part of our lives to helping that cause. The cause may be with nature; with animals; the environment; people who are suffering; or maybe a friend or neighbour who needs help.

Even though we know that our physical life is an illusion, commitment to a cause that touches our heart – as long as the cause is dedicated to compassion, not battle, creates an energy that raises the vibration of the planet.

However there are so many causes to which we could commit and we don’t have time or energy to help them all, then how do we choose? Trust your intuition, and don’t listen to negative friends who will tell you many reasons why that cause isn’t worthy! The ‘worthiness’ is not found in the cause, but in our commitment to it.

The energy created by our dedicated and inspired action also raises our own vibratory level, so as well as helping others, we are also helping ourselves. In the ‘big picture’ we know that everyone and everything is connected, and each drop of kindness into the ocean of compassion is creating that ocean.

Our act of kindness and compassion, be it ever so small, is sending a tiny ray of light into a perceived place of darkness; it is the small acts of caring that are enlightening our planet.

So when our heart responds to knowledge of a worthy cause, we must commit to that cause for the good of all – including ourselves

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