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Heart Centered Communication

Today we are attempting to move beyond the disjunctive and difficult activity we may be currently experiencing from planetary energies, times long past, perhaps also from current negative programming, and to create instead a more positive life.

One most important quality we must all practice is speaking and writing from the heart. When we communicate from our heart-centered intuition and inner wisdom, we touch the hearts of others. There can then be no negative messages or misunderstood communications. When we speak from the heart, regardless whether it’s within a work environment; with family, friends, acquaintances, or even those we pass on the street or park, speaking from the heart is recognizing the Being of love within each of us.

If anger is triggered, pause; take a deep breath, connect to the heart energy and respond from the heart, not from ego-centered emotions.

Although we may have been taught to speak with detachment, to criticize and judge, these responses only encourage the feelings of fear, imbalance, and separation we are trying to heal.

When we communicate from the heart it encourages others to be on the ‘same wave-length’, and before long they join that stream of loving, peaceful energy, and the inner feeling is always relief – “this is where I belong”.

To speak from the heart seems such an inconsequential and trivial request…. But it is not. It is a step towards acknowledging the Light within, rather than only focusing on different lamp-shades.

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