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Making Comparisons

We know that everyone and everything appears different. In this new energy today we need to respect differences, understanding that we have all come from many different life experiences; lifetimes; cultures etc that have created our individual uniqueness. But although each of us is unique we are all created from the same universal energy.

When we understand and accept our individual uniqueness, we will see no point in making comparisons. Even ‘positive alike’ comparisons create a sense of difference, and as we know, it’s the belief in differences that creates separation.

The first step towards creating harmony and peace on our planet and within communities is to refrain from acknowledging differences and thus putting everything into different boxes – building

walls between what we accept and what we don’t accept. Whenever we make comparisons we are actually programmed to look for differences. So the next step forward on our journey towards creating a harmonious planet and a harmonious humanity is to stop making comparisons.

When we observe a forest of trees we can see the beauty in each tree, and although no two trees are identical, together they create a beautiful forest, and we can feel the peaceful energy they generate.

So let’s learn from nature; when we observe a large crowd of humanity, each person is different, but when we stop looking for differences and making comparisons, we will feel the energy generated.

When we are able to feel the universal energy with which we are all created, we can move our awareness beyond the human ego beings and sense the harmony of oneness, and our hearts will fill with love and compassion.

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