When we have passed through some difficult years,

We must now address our despair and our fears.

Let’s greet each day with faith and with love;

Much help is arriving from within, and above.

Yes, changes are needed, but let’s not despair

We have now learned to live with compassion and care.

A New Age is dawning, let’s all spread our Light,

And create a new world that is happy and bright.


  • Nancy Parker

Less Doing More Being

For some reason we feel that it’s important to fill our lives with what we call ‘work’; if we decide to spend some of our day doing physically nothing, then we may feel anxiety and guilt.

However it is much more important to spend some time ‘doing’…nothing!

Resting our physical bodies and resting our minds – (also leaving our iPhones and iPads at home).

This message may be more relevant for women as we have been programmed for many lifetimes to spend every minute actually ‘doing’ something in order to believe in our self-worth.

But it’s much more important to spend some periods of time just ‘being’ and developing our intuition. If we call these quiet periods ‘meditation’ then we can more easily forgive our lack of ‘work’. So no matter whether

we are meditating, resting, relaxing, these periods of physical and mental stillness are so necessary to develop the feminine qualities of inner knowing, intuition and wisdom.

These quiet, peaceful periods are times of growth and should not be spent in groups, but alone and in silence – although the sounds of nature will not be intrusive. The growth we are achieving by not ‘doing’ is beyond words to describe, but the more time we’re able to devote to this silent stillness, we’ll gain more understanding of whom we really are, and our vital roles in this human existence.

When we begin to develop this quiet stillness, we’ll realise how important it is, and it will become easier to shut down that frantic little voice that says, “come on! DO something!”

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