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Changing Direction

Resurrecting the old beliefs and practices of the past that now seem negative and causing division, will not help us to create the new lives of wisdom, vision, and positive change.

Whenever you are following an old well-worn path, whether emotional or traditional, always pause before you take that step. Is this going to create a new, exciting and positive life that will benefit us all? Perhaps there is now a new map inscribed within you showing a different direction?

“Wait a minute! I’ll just have a look. Oh yes! What if I took that path instead? I can’t see its final destination yet, but it looks good; I’m going to head in that direction.”

The change may be just a different way of responding to negative comments, perhaps with a smile or even silence? It might be compassionate acceptance instead of judgment? Or even making a radical change in a stressful job or relationship?

The biggest and most positive change is to pause and use our inner wisdom, instead of continuing to resurrect old practices and beliefs of the past that need to be questioned.

It’s as if we have all been following along a dark but familiar path, but when we pause we see that there is actually no light at the end of this tunnel! We turn around and notice where the light actually shines, and feel the warm flow of happiness and relief when we change direction.

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