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Receiving and Spreading Benefits

The message today is about ‘benefits’. What are the ‘benefits’ in your current life? What do you think you are benefitting from?

Your first thought is probably physical human pleasures, and this is important; too often we focus our attention on what we feel is not benefitting us, and what is missing, so acknowledging that which we feel is benefitting our present life, and making it easier for us, is a good starting point.

But then we need to dig deeper. What other benefits might we be receiving that we take for granted? Our ability to appreciate beauty? Our sense of humour? Relationships with family and friends? Our closeness to nature?

And then if we dig even deeper - our ability to love and receive love; to be able to feel compassion; to care about others and our beautiful planet; the human qualities that we take for granted that enable us to live comfortably and healthily on this planet.

When we acknowledge the benefits we receive, then we can express gratitude for them, and this will enhance our ability to continue receiving these benefits in an even more powerful way.

Finally we can step back and say, “What benefits am I creating for humanity and for our planet? What gifts have I spread around that others are benefitting from? What more could I do now that I am acknowledging and noticing this?”

Every benefit we receive is like noticing and picking a beautiful flower; and every benefit we create is planting a seed so others can also notice and pick beautiful flowers, and thus our lives and our planet become more radiant and more beautiful each year.

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