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Today’s message is about ‘joy’. Joy is the Christmas message you hear so often; but what is ‘joy’? How can we create it?

The emotion we call ‘joy’ is a higher dimension of happiness. Happiness is usually connected to something – “I feel happy because….”, “I feel happy about….. But the feeling of joy is not connected to anything in the physical world; it is an inner experience that can arrive unexpectedly and with no obvious connection to ‘doing something’ or ‘having something’.

In fact it is difficult to describe, because ‘joy’ is beyond words; it’s connected to our Inner Spiritual Being; that part of ourselves which is who, and what we actually are. Joy is connected with the energy of love; not the common expression of loving something or someone, but the energy with which we, and our planet are created. Love is a high dimensional energy, and joy is our experience of it.

The feeling of joy can be experienced through meditation, specific essences and some forms of energy healing; any practice that releases lower energy feelings and thoughts from the busy, buzzing human mind.

So now breathe slowly and deeply and invite ‘joy’ into your life; feel this beautiful feeling welling up inside and floating around you. It may initially only last a few seconds, but can become a habit, which no longer needs an invitation.

Perhaps ‘joy’ could be your personal Christmas present? How beautiful and joyous would that be!

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