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Changing the Mindset of Fear

The message today is regarding the emotion we know as ‘fear’, which can really take over our lives and prevent us from finding the Path of Light we are all seeking.

We often choose the path of darkness because we are fearful of what the light might show us; therefore it’s easier to keep our eyes closed and imagine all the scary, fearful things we might see if we opened our eyes!

However fearful thoughts will not keep us safe, but will create whatever we are fearful of.

Our thoughts and beliefs create our reality; this is a difficult concept, and different to everything we have been taught for many years, but scientifically proven to be correct. Anything we place a lot of thought towards will start to direct our lives, therefore it’s so important to become aware of negative fearful thoughts, and replace them immediately with positive ones.

Fear can become an addiction, and it may eventually feel more comfortable to wrap ourselves in a tight cloak of fear, rather than to throw it away and feel the joy of both sun and rain enveloping us instead. Many states of disease are created by fear of that disease, which then implants the vibration of the imbalance into us.

Our personal fears direct – or misdirect our personal lives, but fears commonly believed by most of humanity can misdirect us all. The beliefs held by the majority of people will often manifest, and the media usually try to create a belief in fear.

However if enough people decide to believe in a happy, contented, fearless life, then this will start to change the previous acceptance of fear.

The first step is of course awareness, and then the decision to change our old mindset of fear to one of happy, positive fearlessness.

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