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The Winds of Change

Did you know we’re going through Mercury Retrograde at present, and for another couple of weeks, and then the Mercury Retroshade? This occurs three to five times a year!

We are all connected to energy flows from our planetary neighbours; this is nothing new of course – astrology is the oldest science of humanity.

So when changes happen within our consciousness and within our lives, know that ‘change’ is the condition we’ve always lived with. However ‘change’ does seem to be happening more rapidly and consistently at present!

‘Change’ is like a new operating manual we’ve been given to read. We can choose to read it and use the information for our highest good, or we can toss it away and say “not interested”, or perhaps “I’ll read it one day if I need to”.

Those who decide to open the manual and read the pages inscribed within each of us

, can use these high ‘Winds of Change’ to our greatest advantage; not obsessing about change, but knowing that it’s absolutely vital for an evolving humanity.

So lets not blame Mercury Retrograde for possible communication ‘stuff-ups’, but welcome the chance to do things differently. It’s a good time to think about our great desires, or adventures we might enjoy. We could discover new insights, and understand something differently. It’s a good time to follow up and to catch up.

The ‘Winds of Change’ impact us all, so let’s use this Mercury Retrograde and its Retroshade to our greatest advantage.

(I’ve just made a new spray to help us use Mercury Retrogrades positively)

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