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The Power of Forgetting

Today I’d like to focus on the importance of ‘forgetting’ – not the day-to-day forgetfulness that is often worrying and annoying, but forgetting previous negative behaviour patterns and behaviours, which are no longer relevant.

Too often we spontaneously revert to old patterns of confrontation and competitiveness; an underlying pattern of fear learned from difficult lifetimes when conflict and protection were considered to be necessary and acceptable behaviours.

The importance of compassion and connection with each other and with all of nature was understood by very ancient cultures and now needs to be rediscovered. Let’s over-write those old memories of conflict imprinted onto the planet from difficult times, with thoughts and actions of kindness, caring and compassion.

When we choose to forget those negative patterns and choose instead behaviours not

dominated by fear, this intent will lay down new pathways that can more easily be followed by others. Although the choice of lifestyle is up to each individual, once the old patterns are forgotten and no longer instinctive there will be no reason to renew them.

We are each making our mark on the planet, so let’s create possible paths of peace and kindness that can push those old paths of conflict into irrelevance.

The power of forgetting is the first step towards positive change and renewal.

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