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Developing Compassion

Perhaps the most important attribute needed in the world today is compassion. This is often the most difficult quality for us all to develop.

When we look around at what is occurring not only on our planet, but in our neighborhood and in our families it is easy to judge and condemn. We often feel unable to offer help for the sad stories we see and hear, but to feel compassion regardless, creates an energy, which will eventually transform our planet.

Rather than focusing on retribution to address so-called ‘wrongs’, we need to practice feeling compassion for those involved in ‘wrong-doing’. Retribution and ‘paying-back’ only further cement the difficulty, and do nothing to change the situation.

Feeling compassion doesn’t mean agreeing with the misdeeds; it means understanding that something very negative has influenced those involved, and caused them to forget the beautiful being that dwells within each of us.

The energy vibration of compassion will connect with the vibrational grid of

the planet, and make it much more difficult for negative actions to commence and spread. Our free will may then move our decisions towards forgiveness and caring.

To energise the feeling of compassion we can focus on our day-to-day lives and notice if we are sending thoughts of judgment and anger towards even the slightest inconsequential events impacting us.

Then, with understanding and intent we can change those thoughts into forgiveness and caring. These small steps will eventually turn the pattern of our planetary environment towards compassion for all of humanity, and for all creatures great and small.

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