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Why am I Here?

Many people today are asking themselves “Why am I here? What should I be doing?” There is nothing specific that you should be ‘doing’, apart from ‘being’.

We have all come from a long history of attempting to create a healthy, happy Planet; we have tried many experiments, ideas and beliefs that didn’t succeed. Now, finally we are able to try something different, and instead of thinking “Oh, that didn’t work; I should have known better’, we can now begin to say “Well, this seems to be a good way to create a happy, healthy life; I think I’ll do more of this.”

Even though we are noticing many negative actions, they are no longer hidden, as they once were, and there is always something we can do if we choose to change the negativity – signing petitions; spreading the knowledge; developing caring groups and communities; expressing compassion; helping charities etc etc.

Now that we have a perception and knowledge of what we can expect from a happy, healthy Planet we can start creating one, by small actions and changes in our everyday lives.

Do you now realise that this is why you are here on Planet Earth at this time? You have chosen to be part of the positive change. You are one of the creators of a happy, healthy humanity. How important is that!

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