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Discovering our Unique Gifts and Abilities

Although we are each a part of the ‘wholeness’ of humanity, we are each an individual part, just as pieces of a jigsaw puzzle are individual pieces, but an essential part of the whole picture.

Because we have been carrying a lot of old rubbish from childhood and from other times, this can distort our perception of who we really are, and we can lose sight of our own uniqueness. So we look to others – family, friends and business acquaintances to tell us we are OK, and we may feel a need to fulfill their expectations of who they think we are, and what we should be doing.

However their perceptions are coloured by their own needs and fears; so when you want reassurance, always look within yourself. Honour your own uniqueness when it is not overlaid by the perceptions and expectations of others.

Within each of us are our own gifts and abilities that we can discover and develop when we leave the old fears of unworthiness behind. So do not push your children and friends onto paths which you think they should take; allow them to discover and develop their own gifts and abilities.

Remember we are no longer following an old path; we are each creating a new one by looking within and discovering our own latent abilities and gifts. We are each contributing a unique piece to the beautiful picture of humanity.

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