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Overcoming our Difficult Inheritance.

We all need to become aware that we have an unconscious, inherited belief in our powerlessness and even our lack of worth, developed from centuries of difficult lives. So when the new, higher consciousness suggests there are more efficient ways of managing and healing our lives, our common reaction is “What would I know about that?”It’s so hard to remove these old, ingrained habits, but removed they must be. The first step is of course intent, and the second is awareness.

If a health problem descends upon us, our hidden, unconscious belief is that this may be with us forever, and can cause our death. Doctors may also be besieged with the same unconscious beliefs and expectations, and will often uphold our own negative beliefs. So of course, as we expect, so we shall receive, and this strengthens our belief in weakness, vulnerability and short life-spans. We have not been created on this planet to succumb to illness and pain. We have an innate ability to overcome these, but it’s not easy, and may take one of those ‘sink or swim’ episodes to help us discover our own healing ability.The more we become aware of the many so-called miracles which others have discovered, the further we will be able to move, little by little, to discover the power that lies within us all.

The affirmation “ I am that I am, immortal, eternal, an infinitely powerful expression of the love we call God with which we, and the universe are created” may help us regain our belief in the Beings we actually are. Once we change our beliefs, we can change ourselves, and once we change ourselves, we can change our WORLD

‘Confidence’ Pack as essences which could help to overcome our difficult inheritance.

(These three essences are: Essenshell Courage; Self Empowerment; No More Fear. Still on ‘Special’ at $50 from the last newsletter.)

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