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Finding LOVE

Something many people are seeking today is LOVE. But what we need to understand is that we are love; we are all part of the creative source called ‘Love’, with which we, and the universe are created.

Love is the energy we continually desire, but are often looking outside ourselves and not finding it. Even though this love is implanted within each human being, until we have discovered its source within our own heart, we will have great difficulty attracting it from others.

‘Like attracts like’ so if our own heart is closed, then the love from others can’t find a connection. If you are seeking love from another person, first find it within yourself, and then you can connect with others who have also opened the door within their hearts, and then the love can meld.

This is not easy, as we have had centuries of low self-esteem and belief in our unworthiness, so you may need to create an affirmation:

“I am that I am, a beautiful being created from the energy of love. I am immortal, eternal, universal and infinite, and each day I am continuing to reconnect with my source of love”.

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