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Understanding Fear

“ Fear is an emotion we all know so well – or think we do!. But what actually is this feeling we label fear?

Fear is basically a feeling of disconnection from Spirit, a disconnection from our real self and our real home. The basis of all fear stems from feeling separated from our all-powerful spiritual being.

Fear of death? We believe this to be the ultimate disconnection – even though it is the opposite. Fear of everything in our 3D world stems from a feeling of powerlessness; we have forgotten who we really are. If we became aware of our powerful spiritual reality, we would not fear anything.

While we are living on this planet, the knowledge of our wonderful multidimensional self disappears, and the wisdom of higher vibrations is not readily available. Although this is gradually beginning to change, fear is our greatest obstacle.

We have all collected many fears during our lifetimes, however each time we confront and overcome them, we are rebuilding our personal power – the memory of our complete being, part of the energy of Love we call God, from which we can never be separated.

When we overcome our fear of pain, illness, and death, our lives will be healthier and greatly extended. When we are able to recognise, confront, and overcome our fears, we will begin to experience the many amazing abilities which are our spiritual birthright.”

The Shell Essences that can help us to remove fear – and especially unconscious fears, are;

‘Heaven Sent’ – available in Stock strength, Dose, or small spray.

‘Rainbow Delight’ – a Single Shell Essence, stock strength only.

‘No More Fear’ – a Blend available in stock strength or Dose.

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