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Releasing the Old

Have you noticed that at present much ‘old stuff’ is arising in our minds, emotions, thoughts and dreams to be released?

No, it’s not easy; some have allowed themselves to become aware of the issues, then faced and released them, but others are still in denial and unable at this time to confront the negative issues. We have all lived in more primitive times where we may have been treated very harshly, and this pain and fear has been imprinted into our DNA Akashic memory, and may be triggered by current events. But now we can ask for spiritual help to safely release these memories.

When we look at our world today we can see negative actions from times long past being repeated, and they may continue to do so until the groups involved realise they are recreating from long ago.

Continue learning and spreading your positive energy to all those with whom you connect. If negative events and emotions arise to threaten your sense of peace and harmony, see them as lessons and a chance for further growth. There is always another way of perceiving a situation.

Search for the positive meaning and the positive lessons, and then your inner wisdom will continue to develop at a comfortable pace.

Shell Essences which can help release the ‘Old Stuff’ are:

‘No More Fear’ dosage Blend.

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