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Recognizing and Accepting Change

As each year passes, higher dimensional energy is gradually being downloaded onto our planet.

We have been accustomed to staying within the narrow rut of creativity which has always been available, and which we expected to continue. But soon we will observe that this narrow, well-worn track is only one of many which are branching off into different directions.

New avenues of creativity which were once veiled in mist and fog are now becoming clear, and open to all those who follow their heart and their intuition.

Everything is being imprinted into the energy of Planet Earth, and is being consciously and unconsciously read by us. This is the reason that many of us are feeling uncomfortable at present. The change in vibrational energy has created a new form of ‘energy sensitivity’, where all people are aware of changes in their emotional environment and are reacting to this.

The waves of fear created by change will cause much discomfort until we learn to react with peace and trust. Then when these positive energy vibrations permeate our minds, the cycle of change can continue to peacefully evolve and stimulate the creation of new solutions and inventions.

Remember there are no failures; every thwarted effort towards greater creativity still creates an energy of positive change.

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