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There is an ability which is of major importance as we attempt to steer a path of love and beauty through the waves of dissent, and that is trust; perhaps one of the most difficult lessons we are learning.

If you have a desire to create a life of abundance in the realm of beauty and love, and to give assistance to those whom you perceive to be in need, then follow your heart; your innermost thoughts and dreams.

You may not always see where the path is leading, but if it is taken with trust and a desire to create love, peace and harmony, and if you have a positive energy of fearlessness and balance, then that is where your path will lead.

When we ask our ‘inner self’ with trust and an open mind, we’ll receive a quick answer before the ego-mind has a chance to weigh in with all the doubts and fears.

We need to differentiate between the ego’s brain-based, often unconscious thoughts of fear and distrust, and connect to the messages from the heart which our inner intuitive self is constantly sending.

Create a habit of asking your ‘inner self’ for guidance; listen, trust and learn.

The task for humanity is to create a planet of loving support for all; just listen to your intuition and trust.

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I Trust

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