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Rediscovering Ourselves.

Little by little, with the help of Planet Earth and all of nature we are learning to rediscover ourselves. There are many lessons as we realise what resonates with our heart, our ‘inner being,’ and what does not.

The resonance will keep changing as we experience new ‘adventures’, and we will leave many old, previously comfortable habits behind. Planet Earth has been seeded with countless opportunities for our growth.

At present we may find ourselves trapped in a very material existence, and it could take us a long journey to discover that the growth we are unconsciously seeking is not found within the material world we are creating. However every small growth and moment of sudden ‘Aha!’ understanding will help us to see the beauty behind the façade of material 3D existence, and once we begin to see the hints of beauty and oneness we can start to create this.

One day the old negative, basic, and slow energy we found so comfortable will seem strange and very unfamiliar, and we will move forward on our life journey with more peace and joy than we could previously have imagined.

Shell Essences which would help us align with this concept: New spray ‘Peace and Happiness’; Dosage Blend ‘Starting Anew’

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