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Heart Communication

We all understand the importance of clear communication within the context of written and spoken words. But silent communication from the heart is read even more easily, and is much more important, and is a universal language.

This silent, heart-centered communication is formed by our thoughts, which are derived from our beliefs, expectations, and present and past experiences. While our words may convey one message, if our heart-communication is giving a different message, this is the one which will be heard on an inner level.

It’s so important to become aware of all our thoughts and feelings, as these are the silent text messages or emails we are constantly sending.

The receivers of these communications are always on their heart iPhone or iPad so our messages are constantly received, and these silent communications will determine how all our relationships will ultimately be experienced.

On an inner level we are constantly communicating with everyone and everything, including the cells of our physical bodies; happy positive thoughts create happy, healthy cells, while angry, depressed messages create unhappy cells.

We need to be aware of this silent, unspoken universal language whose communications are instantly received and understood by all.

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