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The Desire for Material Abundance

A constant worry in the back of our minds is often “will I have enough money?” “How can I make more money?”

When we relax and become connected to our heart-centre, we will see money for what it truly is – not a means of making us happy and trouble-free, but a material confirmation that our needs will be met.

But the confirmation we seek can only come from our trust and faith in ourselves, and then our needs will always be fulfilled.

When we can feel our self-worth, and realise that we are abundant and beautiful creations of the universe, no matter what is happening around us in the world of illusion, we are always in a state of abundance.

When we become connected to the trust and wisdom within our heart, our connection to all of creation, the desire for money becomes irrelevant. Our needs are for love, companionship, harmonious relationships, and the intangible gifts of grace, which are automatically delivered when we connect to the reality of who we truly are.

When we connect to the inner knowing within our heart we can begin to notice the magnificence of the universe, which is always surrounding us.

I am that I am, immortal, eternal, and a powerful part of the energy of Spirit, and what I am has beauty and strength. The walls of lack and delay now crumble away.

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