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Waiting for the seeds to sprout.

When you think that nothing exciting or different is happening in your life, and you may feel a bit bored, or anxious, these are actually the most important times. It’s a time for reflection, and clearing old stuff either emotional or material to make space for something new and different to evolve

You are not wasting your time during these periods of so-called stagnation and inactivity; every section of your life is important for the ‘whole’ to be created with appropriate love and grace. Resting and contemplation are just as important, if not more so, than activity and obvious growth.

When you plant a seed and it’s hidden within the earth, do you think “ Well, that was a waste of time; nothing is happening?”. But of course the seed is growing, and when conditions are right it will sprout, grow and bear fruit.

So when your intent is to create, for example, abundance, peace, love and joy these are the seeds you have planted, and a quiet, peaceful growth time is so important. With your intent these seeds will begin to grow as long as you don’t just give up and think ‘nothing is happening’

When you allow the seeds of your intent sufficient time, they will sprout and grow and spread their beautiful energy which can then be harvested by many.

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