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Giving and Sharing

an excerpt from Nancys new book "Rise and Shine your journey of self discovery" :coming soon

‘Giving’ is so important at present and this giving is usually understood in terms of presents, money, friendship etc, but the giving which is most important is the giving of ourselves; giving love, caring, compassion and a warm connection with all. Giving is sharing, and creates togetherness and oneness rather than separation and fear.

Some people may have a reluctance to ‘give’ because of their fear of lack, and this worry of possible lack is actually permeating many parts of our planet. Whenever you feel the fear of lack, can you sense that this fear is tightening an energy shield around you? When you release this fear and acknowledge that there is plenty for all, you will feel freedom and peace.

Our planet has been seeded and endowed with enough sustenance for all to survive in comfort as long as there is giving and sharing, which will reconnect the broken pieces of our present cultures.

Smiling at everyone you pass in the street may seem inconsequential, but it is spreading a positive energy that lightens each person’s worries and fears, and that warmth will then spread to others.

When we create a habit of giving and sharing within our community the positive energy created will spread further than we may realize. ‘Giving’ of you breaks the bonds of fear and begins a cycle of trust and abundance. It joins, rather than separates, and every small cycle repeats itself to form larger patterns of the same.

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