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The quality of commitment is so important today; that is commitment to the principles, which are of greatest importance to us. Perhaps this may be the development of our inner wisdom; of compassion; creating a loving relationship; releasing fear and developing inner peace.

We can be so easily distracted by negative thoughts that will then generate our actions. We might think “Oh no, I won’t bother with that today; I don’t need to meditate today, etc.” But once we allow our commitment to lapse it’s not easy to regain it. When we think, “I’ll just put that aside for today, one day won’t matter”, that day soon becomes a week!

So when you commit to create something of value, don’t allow the negative, lazy ego mind to distract you. Commitment is belief in ourselves, and even though the first steps may seem a bit difficult, as we continue with faith, trust and commitment the creation becomes easier and more wonderful.

Our commitment to a positive energy in whatever way seems most relevant to us is another step higher on the ladder we are climbing towards reconnection with our wonderful, powerful inner beings.

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