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Acknowledging Triumphs

Do you realise that triumphs are often more difficult to confront than failures?

We have such a long-standing, ingrained belief in our unworthiness that we may disbelieve our triumphs and even push them away.

When others congratulate you and admire something you are creating, lessons learned, or troubles that are now overcome, do you immediately look for what might still be missing? Is your immediate reaction “it was nothing really; I’ve still got a long way to go”?

We need to realise the importance of acknowledging our triumphs; not from the ego illusion of ‘look at me everyone’!, but from the spiritual growth of ‘If I can achieve this, how much more can I achieve which I may have believed was impossible?’

It’s like climbing a mountain; you pause to admire the view, and notice with amazement how far you have climbed. You understand that the next climb is only possible because of where you are now.

Many of us have been indoctrinated for so long with the belief that we are weak and not worthy of achieving or winning, that acknowledging our achievements is often more difficult than facing problems.

When we become aware of this often unconscious programming, we can begin to acknowledge the amazing beings we actually are and the abilities we each have within us.

Each triumph is a step which can raise us higher to realising our goal of growth and wisdom.

Acknowledge and accept each achievement with gratitude, and then you can move on to the next one which is ready and waiting just out of sight.

an excerpt from Nancy L Parkers New BOOK "Rise and Shine" your journey of self discovery - out soon -

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