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Becoming Involved

While we might observe with fear and hopelessness, the damage we humans are doing to our planet, to nature, and to our societies, we need to understand that we are all involved, and can each create the changes we desire.

It is important to be optimistic, and together with hope, belief, and desire, we are capable of creating those positive ripples which each help to build an ocean of positive change.

So instead of stepping back and criticizing the negative changes we see, know that even the smallest drops of love, joy, peace and togetherness will be absorbed into the planetary energy to which we are all connected, and positive changes within each of us will eventuate.

I still remember an incident many years ago when I was walking my dog and feeling very anxious and depressed, when a young man walking past me, smiled, and said “have a lovely day”. My feeling of depression lifted, and I felt contentment and peace. I was amazed by my emotional change, and I’m sure that man didn’t realise the effect of his four words and smile; but I made a decision that I would always smile and say ‘have a lovely day’ to each person I passed, and have continued to do this.

So instead of waiting for governments to make changes, we can each become involved in creating a wave of beauty and inspiration. Although our individual involvement may seem small and inconsequential, the little ripples of unconditional love, care and kindness created by simple words, caring thoughts, and small acts of kindness will spread throughout our world, and together we will create a planet of kindness and peace.

Shell essences that might be appropriate are:

Queen Helmet Conch – Understanding, believing, and creating positive survival on all levels.

Hawaiian Sunrise Scallop – Helps to rediscover Love, Hope, and Happiness for ourselves, and to spread this to others.

Fossil Nautilus – connecting to the love within; accessing forgotten gifts and abilities.

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