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Fossil Nautilus

Fossil Nautilus

SKU: FossilNautilus
Connecting to the love within; accessing forgotten gifts and abilities – asking and receiving the skills and abilities we have learned in times past.
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    Fossil Nautilus

    Fossil Nautilus helps us connect to our spiritual memories to access gifts which are now available from other time frames. A valuable essence when we are starting something new and need expertise we believe is not currently available in our present reality.

    Fossil Nautilus helps those who feel lost and disconnected from their true selves, to connect to the love and guidance within.

    Fossil Nautilus helps us move beyond the present day worries which distract us, and move into oneness with Spirit.

    Fossil Nautilus helps us to understand the different energy which has now been made available, to release old energy concepts, and to open to new knowledge and experiences.

    A valuable essence for those on a spiritual pathway when there is doubt, fear, disappointment, isolation and disconnectedness.

    When we need an ability which we believe is not presently available to us, Fossil Nautilus helps us bring this ability or gift into our present reality if we have developed it in ‘past’ lives.

    Fossil Nautilus was created in 2009 and is one of the shells of the New Vibration. 

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